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Shokanten Professional Education was created to honor and disseminate the teachings of Dr. J.D. van Buren by means of a body of published articles (available in the archives at Acupuncture Today) as well as a  series of distance learning courses that would enable professional acupuncturists to incorporate these teachings into their own practices.  It has been close to 28 years since my graduation from the International College of Oriental Medicine (UK).  Our profession has come a long way since then.  More information has become available and has been lost as well.  As I age, I find that much of what I learned has fallen by the wayside or is in a new improved form that just does not work as well.  Through my articles and courses, I hope to make available some of this forgotten material. 

As an auspicious start to the Year of the Tiger, we are pleased to present a new article about an acupuncture protocol to lower a high blood sedimentation rate.  Simply go to the navigational bar to the right and click on “High Blood Sedimentation Rate”.


A Trigram Organ Tutorial is also available at no charge.   There will be a short introduction and a concise explanation of each trigram.  If you have never worked with or thought about trigrams in this way, it is a good starting point and good preparation for all future courses. You will be able to access this tutorial by clicking on “Courses” located on the navigational bar to the right.   Please feel free to do your own research on the Internet to augment the material presented.

If you wish to log onto the Moodle site but are unable to, please send an e-mail to

We appreciate your patience.  

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